Invaluable Lessons from My Father(Village girl edition)


There is a special kind of love that only a dad can give. Maybe this is just for girls, maybe not. Anyone that knows me probably knows the special place dad holds in my heart. I have the fondest memories of him. Maybe because the memories of Ma are mainly about being mercilessly whipped and being shamelessly embarrassed in front of people. Or, perhaps because at the beginning of my teen-age, dad never punished me even when I was expected to be whooped for almost eloping at one time. Most would say I’m a father’s girl. But I partly disagree because, both my parents adore me and I love them beyond measure. Ma needed to be tough to raise eight of us but dad needed to tone down otherwise we’d have all run away and left just the two of them to each other. Ma was tough, still is. A no-nonsense woman. She’d whip you anywhere and with anything. She’d embarrass you without caring about your feelings. Being a highly opinionated human always landed me in most trouble with her but dad always came to my rescue. I’d say whatever I wanted when he was around but whenever he left, Ma would compound the punishments. Ma is the kind of person that would whip you if you refused to eat. Dad would say it’s okay if you’re not hungry. I particularly loved dad as a kid because he did not force me to down an entire cup of porridge for example. Anyway, today being Father’s Day, I want to share six invaluable lessons that I learnt(and still do) from dad as a woman. Lessons every woman needs to sail through this sometimes cruel-ish universe.

Punishment doesn’t always have to be physical

Punishment shouldn’t be aimed at bringing harm. It should instead teach lessons and make the recipient become a better person. I barely remember dad physically whipping us. It could be because Ma did it all the time and that’s why he was toned down on physically ‘harming us’ .It could also be because he knew a better way of instilling morals in us than going berserk on our butts. While my mum would hit you with anything in her reach; cooking stick with hot steaming pap, a panga, knife, githeri sufuria-you name it; dad would torture you psychologically. I have watched him cane one of my siblings once and that was all. What I can’t say is how many times he played mind games on us. He once asked one of my brothers who had been suspended for sneaking out of school to eat 42 moldy chapatis with tea as the rest of us watched. Of course he didn’t eat them but that was my brother’s turning point. He was transferred schools and was never suspended ever again. I can’t explain the occurrence of that evening. Maybe my elder siblings can but my mum, the family disciplinarian was also in awe.

If you want a good life, you have to work for it

I have never asked Ma but I think dad made a terrible boyfriend. She probably fell for him because of the looks and his focus. I also think the reason dad chose mum for a life partner is because Ma was well schooled and had an income of her own. They have collectively made eight of us lead a beautiful life though I still believe if dad lived in this century, he’d most likely die a bachelor because his money hardly comes out his pocket. You have to earn it. I grew up in a home where I got what I wanted. That was the case until I completed high school. After that, my parents used to collectively give me $1 as airtime allowance every week. That wasn’t enough. One day I decided to rant and dad openly said that he was giving me money so that men do not confuse me on my way to school and that since I am done with school, I could do whatever I wanted with myself. I know this came from a good place but it pricked my heart like a needle does to a jigger haven on a smooth toe. I was in college then. I furiously quit and began looking for a job and I am glad to report that I learnt to look for and earn money before I joined Uni. I’d have otherwise been a spoilt kid who was always entitled. I’m glad it happened at an early stage in life; grateful to my old man.

Speaking with finality

This was a low key lesson. Dad always and still asks me to speak like I know what I want. Growing up, I’d always get a ‘no’ for an answer if I ever asked for something even if he knew it was a need and not a want. He always wants me to tell him, not to ask. I know speaking with finality has made a few humans hate me in this life but that isn’t my fault. To understand this point, refer to Deborah Tannen’s Genderlect theory. According to dad,things won’t come easy.Especially as a girl,the world would want you to beg even for what is rightfully yours. I’d call dad a feminist because it is from him that I learnt that the only difference between men and women is their biological make-up.We might be wired differently but that never made the women in my parents’ homestead any less than men. My old man has always encouraged to stand up for ourselves and speak against injustices even if it’s an uncle or an elder brother that is propagating them.He argues that speaking with finality makes people know that you do know what you want in life.It’s indeed a good sign.You should never doubt your worth even when you’re the only woman on the table.You are there because that’s where you’re supposed to be.

Always thirst for knowledge

I picked my reading culture from my dad. Dad would never buy me a pair of shoes. Never. Not even if it is an auction from Princess Diana’s closet. Yes, Princess Diana because she’s the second woman dad ever sensually loved after Ma. But dad would, still up to date, come home with a book from a bookstore for me not caring whether I earn and I can go get it myself. He believes in substantial knowledge. He keeps telling me, “You can’t just sit pretty with nothing in-between your ears.” Harsh, but true. He constantly reminds me that being a woman and the responsibilities that come with womanhood should never make me drop the urge to read. From him, I have also noticed that books provide some kind of escape from the real world which all of us need at some point in life. I have learnt that knowledge is timeless and invaluable. That wealth might be lost but the knowledge you acquire will always stick with you. It will make you see the world differently. I hope my future children find quest for knowledge as intriguing as I do.

Your opinion matters to you, voice it

Those that know me probably know that I am highly opinionated. Often times, Ma would ask me to shut up but dad always fueled me to speak up. I remember when I was selected to join a far away high school and Ma was worried about heading to a different geographical region with a difference in tribe etc. She wanted me to enroll in a nearby school supposedly for security reasons(I have always appreciated her caring soul). Dad didn’t let that happen. He always believed that I’d survive. He knew that he needed to prepare me for harder things in life and I’m forever grateful. Dad always reminds me that he knows how unjust the world is especially to women, but that I shouldn’t think things will always be made easy for me because I was born a female. He reminds me to work for it and to speak up and say whatever it is I need to say. It is funny that it’s him that has taught me how to ask for a pay raise and what to say if I want a certain job(I’m job-hunting btw). I once complained to him after I felt that a CEO of a certain organization I worked for as an intern was being sexually inappropriate with me. Dad told me he isn’t sure if I am saying the truth but if anything is being done that I do not agree with then I should call it out.I quit then because I was scared of how the world would react but since then,I’ve learnt to handle matters the grown way.

Don’t squander everything, Invest

I probably didn’t know that investment was until I was in campus. One day in a very random conversation, my old man reminded me that him and Ma will not always be there and I should find things that would bring me passive income. Something I can always count on and divert my energy to even if I never got employed after graduation. That is how I became a farmer. He taught me not to wait for a wealthy prince charming to come and sweep me off my feet. He clearly put it that this prince charming might never show up and while he might, he might need my support so I should put my finances in check. This was the time when the only finances I had was a very inconsistent HELB loan and of course pocket money from him and Ma. Good lesson that was. Even in his late sixties, dad finds it archaic to solely depend on a man. He appreciates the role Ma has played in his life and acknowledges that it is mostly Ma that held things up when they seemed to fall apart. He still debunks the thought that men do not want women that make more than they do. According to him, women should not be afraid of losing life partners because the amount of money they make. To him, men intimidated by a woman’s cheque are narcissist who only want to see women suffer. I am happy that a father of six grown ass men creates time to go with me in land-buying negotiation forums. He’s taught me how to traditionally survey and measure a piece of land without the use of modern technology for instance. I hope I’ll make this old man proud soon.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learnt from your dad?

Groups Suffering in Silence During Lock-down

I had a conversation with a male friend two weeks ago and in our chitchat, I pointed out how hard it is to be born a woman and he agreed that it actually is. Women go through a lot right from their biological make-up to society’s social construction and we haven’t even spoken about their access to jobs and hence their relatively poor pay compared to their male counterparts with the same qualifications. I do not mean to downplay men’s experiences but in a patriarchal society, men almost always have an upper hand in everything. This article however, is not comparing men’s and women’s experiences. It instead explores the groups of (wo)men that are receiving a double the blow amid the COVID-19 pandemic that society should consider in the next (God forbid) pandemic.

Anyone that knows me deeply knows how much I advocate for the rights of this group of people. This is probably the most criminalized and trivialized source of income activity in the whole world. Those who exchange sex for money, especially women, are considered as disgusting, a disgrace to society, loose and morally lost. This always leads me to asking those against this group if they’d rather become armed robbers or commercial sex workers if those were the only options of earning an income that the world presented to them. Being a sex worker involves willing buyer willing seller and I can’t picture how much suffering this group of (wo)men is undergoing with the extension of lock-downs in this pandemic. This is particularly immigrant commercial sex workers that are yet to be documented. I’m not trying to justify this practice, but, a lack of papers means they cannot receive any stipend from the government (for the countries able to provide)…and since their only source of income wiped out, such groups might evade catching the coronavirus but might end up dying of hunger in isolation.

The whole world has shifted its attention to the pandemic forgetting that life moves on regardless. Life is still being brought forth. The pandemic came and found families heavily expectant of new family members on the way. It has been widely reported that humans with a weak immune system are prone to the virus and considering the constant flux of a pregnant woman’s immune system, just how safe is the mother and her unborn child? Community midwives and expectant mothers too require lots of special attention during these hard times. I am thinking of that midwife that barely has the required Personal Protective Equipment to carry out safe delivery in a remote village of a nation that is still developing (Intentionally avoiding the use of the term 3rd world country). These midwives are heroes and heroines that ought to be honored. With many countries in lock-down, curfew and government blockades placed across nations, it is difficult for a woman who is due during curfew hours to get instant medical attention and as such, midwives, when and if available, come in handy to save lives. There is no doubt that there are those women that might have lost lives during such critical times in this pandemic because they live alone and could not access transport service to medical facilities. These two groups of women keep me asking how safe both parties are if they do not have the required protection equipment against the novel Coronavirus. Please keep checking on your expectant friends during such times, you might be the only savior in their time of need.

We cannot talk about childbirth and forget to talk about women on contraceptives. The women who cannot access birth control services and medication due to the lock-down and the stigma that has come with risks of contracting the virus while visiting a health facility since you do not know who is infected and who is not. This means that there will be a rise in number of unplanned pregnancies that will have another impact on the economy. I do not know if governments planned for this group of women. I hope gynecologists that have clients on a contraception schedule that are reading this post can reach out to their clients even virtually and advise them even amid the lockdown.

My heart bleeds for the wo(men) stuck in the same space with their abusers. This could be sexually, psychologically or emotionally. (Wo)men that can’t escape such environments because they don’t know where to run to, forcing them to persevere because they’ve been locked down or in a curfew that prevents them to get out of their houses as they risk being arrested and detained in a quarantine facility that some of them can barely afford. The young girls that are sexually molested by relatives yet they do not know who to report to, where to or how to go about it and are traumatized by the fact that in nine months(or ten, like I hear sometimes), they will give birth to children fathered by their relatives and society will treat them as outcasts. Such young girls might try to carry out unsafe abortions and risk losing their lives. Some might try taking their lives too because they can barely run to a rescue centre because these rescue centres and safe houses do not exist in the first place. I hope in the next pandemic (God forbid), we’ll think of safe spaces for such men and women and appropriate rescue strategies before we decide to lockdown nations.

Finally, the men and women living with HIV and AIDS. Locking down nations simply means this group of people might not be able to access their antiretroviral drugs and other nutrient supplements. There have been cases of some hospitals discouraging walk-ins; what if that is the hospital where some people in this category pick their antiretroviral drugs from? My research tells me that the drug timetable for this group of people requires discipline and strict timelines. What happens to our brothers and sisters that cannot receive their medication and nutrient supplements because of the lock-down?

I do not know about the West but I think African governments ought to put into consideration these groups of people (among others) before imposing stringent measures that restrict people’s movement. Some people might not be essential service providers with badges to pass police roadblocks but they do require essential services. I hope we’ll all be prepared to address their needs efficiently and effectively in the event of another lock-down.

What are some of the groups that you think deserve consideration in the event of a lock-down?

10 Tips For Young Professionals Starting A New Job

I don’t know how or where to begin this article but whatever direction it takes, know that it comes from a good place in my heart. It is sad that COVID-19 has taken a toll on the entire universe. Many of us have lost their jobs and businesses and with no source of income, life becomes an uphill task. That shouldn’t make you despair. Keep hope alive as this too shall end. The end is where this article comes in handy. At the end, most of us will be looking for employment at least to get going. Among the ‘most of us’ are people that were in employment and others are fresh graduates who have never been employed before. Competition will be tough but don’t let it get to you. Job hunting is tough, at least in Kenya, but what is meant to be will be. So here are a few tips for those that will ace those interviews and receive confirmation emails. Do not make the mistakes I made less than four years ago after I was awarded my bachelor’s degree and thought fit to start job hunting.

Do Not Negotiate Your Salary Over the Phone

Salary is the most sensitive and crucial part to the interviewee during the hiring process. This is especially when you’re still fresh and you do not know how to negotiate. See, I am a bit of old school. I like it when things are a little bit traditional. Discussing the salary on phone does not give you, the job seeker an opportunity to read the sincerity of the hiring manager. Do not let the figure given to you confuse you. You can always negotiate higher than the figure given. If you’ve gone through the interview process successfully until the salary negotiation stage, it means you have the qualities the hiring manager is looking for. If they quote a figure, kindly request if the negotiation can be done in person. This gives you an opportunity to negotiate a higher figure than the one initially mentioned. If you have time, do your research and establish the market value of the services of the skills you’re required to render so that you do not go to the negotiation table clueless. Remember to be reasonable.

The Salary You Negotiate Should Be What You Take Home

When I got my first paying job, an internship, I got excited when the employer simply said I’ll be receiving a stipend of $190 every month. I had never had money conversations with anyone before. So I got excited and thought how I’d finally be able to buy the expensive pair of heels I had seen at a certain shoe store. Little did I know taxes take almost every earning you make. What reflected on my account at the end of the month was almost half of what I was told I’d be earning. You can’t imagine how heartbroken I was…I eventually ended up never buying that pair. Ooooh, a guy I was dating then got me the shoes to wear at my graduation, which never happened because it rained heavily and the volcanic-soil graduation square looked like a piece of land that had just been prepared for planting. What you negotiate should be what you want in your bank account when you get paid. Your net salary. Make it known to your hiring manager that that is what you want to take home. It is upon the organization to decide what your gross salary will be. Deductions should not be your problem. Let your employer deal with that because your gross will always be subject to certain deductions. Be smart.

Sign Your Contract

Another mistake I made when I got my first paying internship was not signing a contract when I got hired. It was a mistake because even though the hiring manager and the CEO told me I’d be paid $190 every month for the entire internship duration, let me say for the ten months I was at the organization, I only got paid the $190 in the first month. My salary was made a pendulum the remaining nine months. It kept oscillating between $60 and $140. You can tell what was happening to me, frustrations! A contract is a legally binding document that enables the two parties stick to their agreement. Humans are very cunning, so, ensuring you sign one before your first pay is very crucial. It saves you as the employee lots of trouble. In my case, the HR kept telling me that my contract was being prepared; all the time. When I graduated five months later and got a memo for a salary increment, the HR then brought me a contract with internship terms and asked me to sign, threatening that I risked losing my job if I didn’t. I still didn’t sign and asked for a contract with the new terms as per the salary increment memo, which never came. Sadly, I never got paid the new terms salary until I quit. That takes me to the next tip.

Word of Mouth Should Never Be Believed

Most of us can get really desperate to get into employment especially if our peers are getting placed while we aren’t. We end up believing what the hiring manager says that cannot be corroborated. As I said before, humans are cunning. We will say sweet nothings just to get you doing things our way. Let everything that is being said be documented. It will help to refer in the future if need be. God knows how much hiring managers have lied to and taken advantage of newbies in the job market. Let every verbal communication from the hiring manager be documented. Documentation introduces my next tip.

Always Ask for The Company Policy

A contract is not a company policy. Every organization has set rules and guideline by which employees and employers operate. Most employees ignore this booklet but it is very important. It states things such as types of leave you’re entitled to, salary review frequency, employee appraisal etc. Again, one time we negotiated my pay and this hiring manager told me that since it was my first time performing the said duties professionally, I would get a certain pay, which would be subject to review after a six-month probation period. Now, that was word of mouth, which, as I said earlier, should never be believed. After the probation period, I was given another contract with the same terms. When I asked for a review, the same Human Resources Manager told me that the company does appraisals only once a year and that an employee had to be at least one year old at the company to be re-evaluated. That broke my heart. I got to be appraised after I completed a year and later on when I received the company policy (almost two years into employment), I realized that as per the company policy, I was entitled to a salary review after the probation period. I just didn’t have the documentation to support my argument then. Now brethren, you need to note that a salary review and an appraisal are two different things. An appraisal has a cap and sometimes you receive nothing after that appraisal.

Ask Questions, Don’t Be The ‘Nice’ Employee

I used to be a brilliant writer until someone, a consultant, kept stealing my by-line every time my idea was published. This happened and by the time I got fed up and demanded an apology and compensation, it was too late. I ended up hating writing until recently. That explains the gap in publications on this site. Seek clarity on unclear issues right from the start. It shows that you know yourself and you know what brings you to the organization. I do not know why most girls usually remain silent when professional injustices occur. We are mostly the people that will take what we are being offered as pay without negotiating. This is probably one of the reasons for the huge gender pay gap between men and women. Being ‘nice’ doesn’t necessarily put you in good books with the employer because the day you get tired and stop being ‘nice’, that same person will throw you under the bus. I do not mean that you should show your claws but, be firm. Know what you want, have the confidence and hold your head high. ‘Niceness’ won’t raise your income. It won’t put food on your table…and there is no employer that will say ‘this girl is nice, let’s raise her pay’. Never! You looked for a job because you needed the money, do not forget that. You know you’re professional and you know you have the skills and you’ll more than deliver. You’ve been hired because you can deliver. It wasn’t a favor someone is doing you. So stop being nice and ask for what you deserve. Do not wait for women activists to come and negotiate your salary for you. Lay your thoughts on the table. We can be nice with our families back at home after work! You should probably read ‘Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office’ by Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D.

Do Not Succumb to Threats

There have been campaigns and demonstration requiring employers to pay interns. It is encouraging that most organization thrive on internship manpower but unfair that these interns who dedicate their time and skills earning an organization profits take home nothing. This goes on for a long time even beyond the stipulated internship period because interns are made to believe that the organization is doing them a favor by giving them a place to practice knowledge acquired in college; that there are so many overqualified professionals looking for the same opportunity with no luck. Such sentiments create fear in the mind of the new employee in such a way that they find it hard to negotiate a salary or to call out injustices for fear of losing the ‘golden’ opportunity. Do not let these threats get to you. A lack of peace of mind hinders productivity and blocks your focus. It is okay to look out for new opportunities if you feel that what you signed up isn’t bringing you joy and satisfaction.

Invest in Yourself

Jobs come with salaries we had not anticipated. This is no brainer. Some of us want to have fun especially after spending all those years in school. It is normal to want to spoil yourself but have limits. Invest in yourself. Do a marketable professional course, attend seminars that will help you network and acquire new knowledge, go back to school if that is what makes your heart skip a beat. Do not splurge all your income. Save for a rainy day and invest in your future.

Bonus is a Scam

I applaud organizations that award bonuses to its employees. Quite generous of you. In fact, may God bless you and increase your net profits each year…but bonus is a scam. It is mostly pegged on what your department head feels about you. It’s actually used to punish and reward employees in some cases. Do not be surprised if you went a whole year without a bonus. So, do not negotiate your take-home wages with bonus included. Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t factor it in your negotiations if you want to be a happy employee…and unto my final tip!

Trust no One

Not even your shadow. Remember that you are hired to work and subsequently get paid. Not to make friends. It is good to make friends but if you can avoid doing that in the office then the better. It keeps you out of trouble. It saves you small talk, useless gossip and unnecessary conflict. Over time you’ll of course make friends but that’s after studying people and knowing their character. Snakes do not hide forever, they come out to bask mid-morning when the sun is not too hot. If you know what I mean. Don’t forget the three things to keep private though; your income, your relationship and your next move. That’s for you to know and let those poking noses into your affairs know that it’s none of their business.

Disclaimer: This article is based purely on my personal experience, experience of a couple of close friends and a little bit of research. Wishing everyone looking for a new opportunity or chasing a deal the very best and may the path you take bring you joy and peace of mind.

 I hope you enjoyed reading it just as I enjoyed putting it together. What are some of the tips you can give to a first-time or ‘new’ employee?

Teacher or Predator?

They say experience is the best teacher. Maybe it is, I wouldn’t know. Well, let’s see if it really is.

Recently, I shared a post on Facebook about a snippet of my life in primary school. You see, I was roughly 12-years old when I was in my final year in primary school. Anyone that has gone to school, which I believe you (the reader, have), knows how many exams you sit before sitting the very final National Exam. So, there is this particular day we were sitting a Swahili exam and as usual, we used to mark the answers we thought were correct on the question paper before noting them down on the final script. Yes, we had multiple choices. So this one day, just before time elapsed, one teacher walked in and started checking our question papers. He checked papers for Index numbers 1-10 (yet we were roughly 86).

After he finished, he asked a few of us to see him in his office; usually this meant that we had something to answer for, through punishment. So we went. I remember one particular guy (a boy, then) who was punished just before me. Wenslaus was dramatic when it came to punishments. He was fun to watch. He squealed and moved on the floor with so much drama. I need to meet his partner (if he already has one). He was given three strokes of the cane, then it was my turn. Believe me when I say I have never been beaten this much cumulatively in my life! The bamboo stick he used rained on me, and I thought I might never walk again. As I was lying on the cold staff room floor I kept wondering what else I had done that invited that much beating. My then English teacher walked in during that canning session and asked this particular teacher to go easy on me. I was weak. I left and cried myself all the way to the sanatorium. I admitted myself the whole afternoon.

A day later, I met the said teacher along the dark corridors as I was heading to the staff room. You see, the block was a storied building. It housed 90% of the offices in the school. Parts of the corridors of the block were poorly lit. So when we met, he craned his neck as if to check who’d be coming and said, ”I will beat you until the day you let me touch your boobs.” I didn’t respond, partly because I was still very angry at the incident the previous day, and also because I didn’t understand what the statement meant at the time. Okay, well, I went and looked at the meaning of ‘boobs’ in the dictionary, but I still couldn’t get the contextual meaning. It was until I was in form two in high school that I fully comprehended how graphic the statement was. I felt so bad. Did I have boobs at 11, 12-years? I so wanted to confront this teacher and ask him why he said those particular words, but we were cities apart. I carried the pain everywhere I went. Everywhere. I hoped that one day, I would find him and face him. What I didn’t want to imagine was what this teacher might have been doing to the girls who had been entrusted to him by their parents, hoping for a safe return when schools close.

You see, high school girls have real boobs I believe. Breasts. I keep wondering how our undeveloped ‘boobs’ turned this guy on in primary school and I can’t imagine what would those sharp pointed nipples of girls that are just learning to wear bras, or those that still hadn’t understood that they needed to wear bras yet did to him? Anyway, our paths never crossed and my heart remained heavy. Heavy of the sexual harassment disgust, heavy of the pain he inflicted on me using the bamboo trees…heavy of knowing that he must have slept with some underage girl somewhere and his acts were probably covered up by his colleagues or maybe he threatened the little girls never to speak up, “…or else”. I can confidently say that I was the most confident girl in my school, yet this happened to me and I never got to report. I don’t know what happened to that little innocent girl probably with low self-esteem that might have gone through an experience similar to mine or even worse.

Well, this guy (teacher) died in 2018. I still never got closure that he was long gone. I was still mad, mad that he got to go without me facing him and getting his straight explanation for his actions. It has been this way until just a few weeks ago that I got to forgive him even though he never got the balls big enough to see the need to apologize. Reason?

I know it’s hard to believe that the same teachers with whom we entrust our children, are the same ones who become predators of innocent children. Even when the cabinet secretary said that pornographic sites should shut down, I wondered which planet he lives in. Most of these schoolgirls are impregnated by their own teachers but because, as parents, we are busy trying to make ends meet, we end up being more concerned with our children’s performance and forget the non-academic experiences that occur in institutions that are not necessarily extracurricular.

Parents and guardians, I hope you have Sex Education with your children. Create an environment that is easier for them to confide to you; you have that power as an adult. I hope you ask them if they’re bullied or experience hostilities and if they feel safe in the institution you take them to and are proud of. I hope we create a friendship with our children that is beyond just, child-parent. Your child might be a victim of pedophilia and it takes you being more than a parent for these children to open up.

Surviving Isolation


You see, I am a full-time employee, what people call a ‘9-5’ (which is hard work btw). I am also a graduate student. Sometimes I am a mentor to young men and women and other times I catch up with friends over a good meal or a drink (mostly water and delmonte mango) at a social joint, talk about life and investments as we enjoy a good live band. Most of these friends find talking to me therapeutic (maybe I’m being too cocky. I am considering a career in counseling psychology because listening to people’s issues and secrets that aren’t yours to tell isn’t an easy job. Maybe I should charge them). I get to my lonely house very late and tired and all I do is either force myself to stay awake and work on a term-paper or simply go to bed and sleep. Sadly, all these things can’t happen now because we apparently have to ‘stay at home’. This gives people like me lots of time that we do not know how to spend. It could get boring, tiring and even depressing especially if you live alone. I have also heard people with families complain about this #stayathome movement. I believe it is for our own good and here are some of the tips to help you get through the ‘covided’ loneliness of self-isolation, working from home and keeping indoors:

Learn a new skill

I can’t call myself a busy person but I do a couple of things that take up lots of my time. Sometimes I get home way past midnight. Over time, I didn’t appreciate these little things that take up most of my time but the partial lock-down due to the covid-19 pandemic has made me grow a heart full of gratitude especially on how I spend my time on a normal day.

At some point in life, some of us had wanted to learn a new skill but due to time constraint, we’ve not been able to. This is the time to do it. Schools are closed, some workplaces have also asked their employees to take a break (with pay of course. I know of a friend whose employer asked the entire office to report back on June first. Quite generous, huh!) You could use this time for self-development and skill-building. The good thing with the current digital age and information era is that you can learn such skills in the comfort of your living room. It could be learning to edit, to write, to draw, to play a music instrument, to dance, to paint or even to speak a foreign language. The most interesting thing about learning a new skill is the growth and satisfaction that comes with it and the ability to transform the acquired skill into a money-making venture. Don’t we all need a fatter cheque? There are many sites that offer online training for different skills at no cost. All you need is your phone/computer and good internet. Whatever it is that you want to learn, just search it on the internet and choose a viable option that works for you.

Work on that DIY project you’ve been postponing for ages.

This point is for me too. For a very long time, I have always wanted to turn my brother’s empty wine bottles into decorative pieces of art until he cleaned the house and trashed all of them because he considered them clutter. I started collecting again but because of work and school, I have never been able to decorate. Now that I’ll be working in shift and there is no school, I think it’s time to work on this DIY project and decorate my entire space with already available resources. This might look tiresome and time consuming but it helps conserve the environment and saves on cost. It also helps exercise your brain. DIY projects are quite therapeutic.

It’s time to de-clutter

Sometimes our spaces are a bit all over. Sometimes we keep wearing the same clothes and shoes because they are the closest to us or because we are too disorganized to know what is where. One terrible thing about clutter is that most of the time it speaks volumes about our mental state and life (I like my study desk and workstation disorganized though; I get productive that way). There is joy that comes with seeing and having spaces well organized. Use this time to bring both your physical and psychological state in order. Donate or trash what you don’t need. Take the time to intimately arrange and get to know every corner of your space. This could range from your kitchen, computer, phone, bedroom to office space among others.

Bond with your loved ones

I know how life can get sometimes. We lose out on time and relationships. Sometimes relationships break because of the lack of time for proper bonding. This is for people that live together as a family.Since your 8-5 and Nairobi traffic that leaves you wary and exhausted, getting home to children who are already asleep is on a forced vacation, take this time to know your spouse and children and any relative you live with.Let them also get to know you.Create the fond memories that won’t be forgotten.Play with them,make a meal together,watch your favorite show,argue,help them solve problems.It might sound like a waste of  time but it goes a long way in instilling good discipline and teaching the children family values and the values of life.

Play a board-game

I am a sucker for board-games.Any time is board-game time.Board-games sharpen minds.They also enable participants to bond and they are quite affordable.Board-games enable you to know how people think and how to go about a problem.I also love them particularly because they are addictive and they help me unwind and calibrate my thoughts.Can I also just mention that people that play board-games turn out to be life smart?Teach your children that they do not have to go to a club,drink irresponsibly and become rogue to have fun.Sometimes a simple indoor board-game has all the fun that you can’t find at the club.


This is one very important aspect of our lives that most of us completely forget about.Some know the importance but probably fail to schedule time for meditation on a normal day because their lives and activities are all over.Meditation helps us to plan.Since most of the time will be spent at home with less or no interruption,you could use it to help bring your life back on track.Meditate,journal and plan your life.This is also a way of de-cluttering.Set your goals,re-evaluate your life choices,friendships and find a way forward.Psychological planning occurs well in a quiet environment and this is the time to do it.

Financial planning

Most of us have our finances haphazardly placed.We work so hard to earn the money that we use to either pay debts and cater for wants instead of needs.This leaves us wanting more money that doesn’t come easily and sometimes we end up being financially stressed and depressed.This quiet time could be the best time to put your finances in order.Plan well,read about investments,how and where to invest.Also think about how you want to spend your hard earned money and what you need to cut down on or which areas you need to increase your expenditure on.Use the time to do your research well and make smart money decisions that will help secure yourself financially in the future.Allow me to recommend a book written by a Nigerian lady, Arese Ugwu, which goes by the name ‘Smart Money Woman’. This is a book for both men and women and it’s a good book for your children especially when they are done with high school and are joining Uni.It will help them grow a saving culture.

Read a good book

I moved out recently and I don’t own a television set.I don’t fancy much TV though but I enjoy a good book.Books help me escape reality,meet new people and just travel to wonderland. I am particularly using this time to rest from school and just enjoy one good non-academic book before I go back to developing my concept note(I am on the 4th so far as this post goes up). This could be the time to develop a  reading culture especially if you have no phone and a television set like me.I’d recommend you start with ‘Who moved My Cheese’ a small but very intense book that was gifted to me by a friend on my 26th birthday.I particularly gravitate towards African writers and Chimamanda ,Tricia Nwaubani,Trevor Noah have been my latest favourite of course and the legendary classical Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Chinua.Good thing about books is you can’t know how good they are until you dive in.So just dive in.

The most important and last thing on my list is rest.Use the time to unwind and rest completely. Lock yourself in and relax your mind because when this pandemic is gone, you will need the energy and the focus than ever before.

Above all,sterilize,sanitize and stay safe!!!See you and your rejuvenated self post-covid-19.

Fathers:The Love and Sacrifice


I can’t keep calm. It’s my birthday guys. I was born today!

Birthdays excite me. Not for any other reason but just for being alive and healthy. You see,not everyone gets that chance to celebrate each day. I do not hold parties. I have never received birthday cakes apart from the muffins and a banana cakes my mother used to bake on this date every year. Yea, mum’s banana cakes and muffins are simply the best in this world. They are baked with so much love and simplicity. She still does bake but this distance…

Also,I can count the number of birthday presents I have received since birth. Presents do not matter to me. I do not condition my friends and family to get me gifts because I wouldn’t even be alive this day. My siblings would only be hearing of a sibling that never made it home from the hospital.A sibling they had seen my mum carry all those months, go to hospital and come back home empty-handed.I know they’d have missed this charm. My brothers on the other hand, would have died  from the small troubles they get themselves into. My brothers adore me.They tell me everything. They tell me about ladies they are dating,those they like. An investment they’d like to venture into.You’d think my opinion on their issues and things they’d like to do is what keeps them alive. My sister,on the other hand wouldn’t have had a roommate to bully.My sister bullied me. Huh! She literally called me out everywhere on things I hadn’t done. She’d throw out my bedding if I didn’t spread the bed(well). I remember how I’d crawl into her bed for fear of sleeping alone. Then in her bed, I’d be the star fish that I was. I still sleep that way though. She’d kick me but who is she? I’d stay there till dawn.

You know, over twenty years ago, just five days before I was born,my dad was to travel to Europe for advanced studies. He had secured a scholarship at a prestigious university and that was the day he was to leave the country. This was a golden opportunity for him. You know why? We do not come from a wealthy family.My father grew up as an orphan most of his life. Just like my siblings and I,he didn’t come from a wealthy family.He wanted to give his children a better life than what he received. So he thought that only a good education will place him on a map for better remuneration.This was true then.These days,I find people holding respectable qualifications manning gates in Nairobi’s famous Eastlands.

Back to the story. I know by now you know the process of acquiring documentation to travel to a foreign country.I do not know how rigorous the activity was then.My dad was ready to leave for his esteemed ‘further’ studies.His work was to get to the airport, board a plane and leave. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m both happy and sad to tell you that my dad did not make it to the capital city. He never made it to the airport, never ever did he go for this scholarship until date.

At that time he was supposed to travel, my mum was not only expectant with me but also admitted. She had been in hospital for two weeks. I haven’t been pregnant before but I know pregnancy is not a disease.From the horrific stories I hear,especially from my sister,mum’s pregnancy was disturbing.There are occasions I could go for days without kicking.Mummy was scared.Even on the 25th of November that year,I had apparently overstayed in the womb.The hospital at which my mum was admitted asked my dad to transfer his wife somewhere else.Her health was in danger and they could not feel the baby.They thought it was a still birth.There and then,the queen of our family was transferred.I do not know why she couldn’t have a surgery but I know the hospitals were not well equipped then. On arrival,she was checked in.Emergency.Induction straight away.I go into the family books as the only child that was born after induction.32 hours in labour and finally,a male Kisii nurse decides to pull me out.Baby not breathing.Slaps on the back,nothing.God,through this one male Kisii nurse uses a suction pump to bring me back to life. First suction,no cry.Second suction,faint cries.Then sloooowwwwwlllly I was back.

This is just a basic story. Anyone would go through this and come out victorious you know. With advanced healthcare systems and medical covers, things are easier now. What brings me joy is how my parents narrate this story  in their sixties with tears in their eyes.This is priceless. My mum gets so emotional every time she tells it. I do not know if it’s the joy that I made it out of this healthy or the pain me as a fetus made her go through.

My dad on the other hand, tells it with so much pride. If you know my dad you know. Sometimes I feel like I denied him a chance to be what he really wanted to be. This old man sacrificed his all to be with a half-dead wife and unborn baby.I don’t know if I would have done the same. I also do not know how many men would do this for their wives. So, on this day,I celebrate my old man for being the father of the century.For sacrificing prestige and privilege to there right from the start.My dad is my rock.My siblings say I’m his favourite. Mum says I’m my father’s heartbeat.I don’t know how true these allegations are but I know paps is my rock.

I’ve never imagined life without my father. I tell my friends that hadn’t I had him in my life, I would probably be married to a very old man in the village as a third wife giving birth twice every year. I have fond memories of my old man.I remember taking naps in the afternoon with him.Filling crosswords together.Him rocking me to sleep,cooking for us when mum was away.Giving us money to go buy ‘boflo‘ , coming to check my books and class progress whenever he was in town,the arguments we still have in the kitchen when we are both preparing vegetables.I mean,I would give my life for my dad.My parents have at some point worked in different towns but this guy was always available.Always.

On this very day, I want to celebrate all the fathers in the universe. Those that have sacrificed, however little to be with their families. I want to tell them thank you on behalf of their sons and daughters.I hope widows and single mums find their children a father-figure.You may not see the need for this but a dad is a very important human in the life of a child.I hope the men that sire in the process of ‘hit while running’ will find the courage to go back and be in the lives of those innocent souls.

Happy birth month to all those born in December!

International Travel 101(Budget)


Traveling has become more common and easier in the 21st century than ever before. People were reluctant of traveling due to financial constraints but in this internet era, most people hold more that one job. This means that they have multiple sources of income thus enabling them to visit places comfortably unlike when they hold one job as a source of income. Even as you tour the world be it for business or leisure, I think it is wise to keep your budget in check with the help of points below.

Always have your currency in dollars. A dollar is one of the few currencies accepted worldwide. Some currencies, especially from developing countries might not be readily accepted; especially when you’ve traveled out of your regional block. Due to this reason, I’d advise that you change your money at a Forex bureau and not a bank. Rates at Forex bureaus are in most cases favorable than at the bank. Ensure that you only change the amount you’ll need because you might lose a few cents when changing back to your local currency in case you remain with a few dollars. You can also decide to keep the foreign currency you bring back home as a souvenir.

Don’t forget to download a currency converter app. This application is available on apple store or google play store. Foreign currencies(especially in developed nations) give an impression that things are cheap. This app, however, is able to tell you how much you are spending in terms of your home currency or currency in your country of origin on the go. It also helps you avoid being conned when you are changing money. You might be faithful; not everyone is. Some people make a living just from conning people. It’s also good to note that this app can be used off the internet.

Cash is way better than a card. One is likely to overspend when using a credit card than cash. Cards always give an impression that you have excess money to spend and unless you are disciplined enough, you might end up spending impulsively. It is wise that you estimate how much you’d want to spend then operate within your limit. Another reason for having cash is that some businesses do not accept cards. There’s a time I was in a certain country, we went eating at a restaurant and a friend ended up paying for me since they couldn’t accept my card. Just imagine what would have happened hadn’t I been with someone I know. My final reason for carrying cash is that sometimes one can only withdraw from a limited number of banks and these banks have a withdrawal limit. So to be on the safe side,try carrying cash to keep frustrations at bay.

Always remember to keep your money in different places. Do not keep all your money in one bag or pocket. Two of my colleagues traveled to a country in West Africa. Something happened and they were arrested for two hours.Of course when one is arrested, your belonging are usually kept at the station as you are taken to a cell. When they were released after two hours, they found everything intact but their money had disappeared into thin air.

Another important thing to consider is purchasing a local line. This saves you lots of cash especially on roaming charges. This point is no brainier. If you’ve traveled as a team, create a social media group where you can communicate with each other. This is cheaper as compared to calling every member of your group to pass a message or ask a question.

Do not hesitate to use public transport. This saves you money. In most cases, subways, trains and other means of public transport are usually cheaper than hiring a taxi to help you move from one point to another. Do not worry about getting lost.Sometimes it’s adventurous to explore than to be chauffeured around.

Finally, bargain. Bargain brother, bargain. It does not matter your country of origin. If you want to survive and save a coin, always bargain. People are in businesses to make money. If you aren’t careful, you might end up paying for the loss a business made a week before you traveled. Bargain in taxi rides, bargain in shops, bargain in markets. Just bargain. Most people think foreigners do have lots of money, so what they do is to triple the price or even give you ten times the product’s price which some spend willingly.

If you’re planning to jet to another country, these points will help you come back home while still financially stable!

Mummy Tales

Growing up,I always felt like she was an enemy.The greatest of enemies.I always felt like I had the meanest mum on the universe until two weeks ago when I read a post of people confessing how their parents were mean to them when they were still young.Don’t ask how I survived her.I still feel like she was the most lethal of all mums.At least my elder brother can confirm that.We are friends now.Inseparable.

Well,I come from a big  family.Seven siblings.Always grew up with relatives.Each of these people that has encountered mum has story to tell.To save people embarassment,I will stick to mine.

I went to a missionary boarding school.Good teachers,enoughof them.Adequate resources.A wonderful teacher to pupil ratio.Just like any other school,we had well organized academic days at least once a term.So when I was in class six,I thought that my mother chose the most bogus name for me.I thought being called ‘Dorrah’ wasn’t gisty enough.The name felt so short.Adolescent me decides to make it appear  classy.I call myself ‘Dorraxton’.Just like ‘Braxton’ and ‘Caxton’ and all the tons that ever existed.Teachers bought this name.Even my classteacher(Mr.Webi).This was my second year in the school and my new classteacher bought the lie.So on this academic day,my mother shows up instead of what I was always used to-My elder brothers.We head to the class six lobby.All teachers gathered around.Parents and their sons and daughters.

For starters,this is the first time my mum is coming for my academic day.Secondly,I’ve dropped from top three to position seven and finally,I have coined a name for myself and made it official.What’s worse is that all teachers now refer to me by that name.I’ve lied to the entire school.

We get to the teacher.My class teacher goes ”Dorraxton leo umeleta mama?”My mum is busy rolling eyes wondering who ‘Dorraxton’ is.We sit down,a marksheet is produced.Mum looks at it.Gets to number four and she doesn’t see my name.She then whispers loud enough to be heard,”Mama umelala kwa hii mtihani hupati hii juice na biscuits.” Now,if you’ve ever gone to a boarding public primary school you know what that means.I then show her where my name is.After seeing the name,she then shouts, ”Malimu,this is not her name.Her name is Dorrah!”Everybody turns and looks at me.There begins another case even before we discuss performance.That day,she didn’t top up pocket money.And she left me shopping because my sister who was in the neighbouring school had gone for half-term.Mum,you are my star.

First forward.So all along since class five,my mum had been giving me fifty bob for pocket money.Yaani KSh.50.But I was visited every fortnight.This one time on opening day in class seven,I tell my mum I want two hundred bob.We didn’t urgue,she gave it to me.I head to school.That term was one crazy term.I was never visited.Only one of my brothers passed-by with green mangoes worth fifty bob.That was a lesson well learnt.The following term,I asked her to give me the usual fifty bob and because she knew I had learnt,she promoted me to the two hundred.I love you ma.

I know I promised to stick to my story but there’s this one time that my elder brother went drinking busaa at some home over christmas.Mum had made lunch so she send for my brother three times but he refused to come.She then went to fetch him herself.I’ve never seen a human being smashed  with a whose bunch of sisal reed.Hahaha it was so funny.My brother,who was almost 30 at the time even sobbered  up as he got whipped all the way home.

As we celebrate yet another Mothers’ Day,I’m grateful for the one God chose for us.Selfless,spontaneous,disciplined,prayerful,spiritual and God-fearing.We’d  never ask for more.I’m sure everyone has a crazy story to tell about their mums.Regardless of how wicked you thought they are.They did all that for us.However harsh,they taught us to be better people.They sacrificed their comfort for us.I remember snooping through mum’s documents and seeing how little she earned(less than 5k) because she was paying for loans she had taken to cater for our fee.We never lacked.I always thought my folks were rich until I cleared campus and landed on their payslip.

Motherhood is a gift.It’s special.It’s a gift and a calling.Happy Mothers Day to All the mums in the universe.You all are special!



When you’re in college, you so much wish to wind up school and get out to the job market. This is because you think that working will earn you the money you need, help you keep off people you don’t wanna meet and eventually give you peace of mind; but no. You are definitely wrong. Work places have their own shortcomings, prolly more than in college because in college, you can get away with some occurrences by locking yourself up in your room. But this is work. You have to report daily, even on Saturdays (when you have a crazy boss).

You can bear me witness (of course if you’ve worked before), that there are individuals at your workplace that you dread so much. They can’t just let you be. These kinds of guys come in different categories.

To begin with, there are those bosses that will ALWAYS try to make your life difficult. They will send you action mails at 5.03 pm knowing clearly that office time ends at exactly 1700 hours. They will require you to respond to these mails instantly whenever you are no matter the workload.Something that will require your undivided attention for almost 45 minutes.This never happens once, they make it a routine; a habit. Such mails will clearly read ‘sent from my iPhone’.That tells you that they are somewhere out of office. Probably enjoying the comfort of their living room busy filling your inbox with mails as if you’ll spend your night in the office. Such mails pop in when you are winding up the paper work getting ready to leave work premises. To me, these people might have never read the contract. Something funny about them is that they will be on your neck if you dare come a minute late but they’ll never appreciate your working up to pm. They always want you to come up with ideas, make a follow up and implement them. Don’t fear such people, if their behavior persists, confront them and make it clear, as long as you don’t cross any boundary.

The other type is the ‘team mafisi’ sample. They didn’t begin today, they have always been there because that’s actually how my dad scooped my mum; at the work place (but theirs was meant to last huh! Plus at least he was single and genuinely looking for a wife.) The victims of such are female employees, especially the new members of staff. They always begin by making themselves appear heaven-sent. They will bring you small gifts, tag you along for lunch, pay your bus fare or even offer to pick and drop you home at whatever time of the day(or night).They are always asking for joints where you hang out, whether you drink and what kind if you do. Surprisingly, their gifts are as small as a single tropical sweet (as though you don’t afford two shillings or maybe someone told them you have a bad breath.) Not that I don’t appreciate small gifts (ask some guy I like, I love his tropical sweets). This kind is so touchy. They will always want to get so close (to the extent of hearing your heart beat), feel your temperature every morning and feel the material of your outfit. They know nothing about proxemics and if they do, they never practise it. With time, they hide their wedding ring to convince you that they aren’t taken (yet the ring mark is left on the finger). Be careful, this lot will be all over you like a rash. They will stop at nothing even if they have two wedding rings on their ring finger. Girl, hold your head high up, don’t be naive. If you don’t love him, don’t be a victim. Remember to have some little fun too, life is too short.

There’s the ‘mucene’ type. These are know-it-all. Am sure you’ve spotted them in your office. They never settle down. You’ll think their seats are infested by bedbugs. If your office is an open plan, you’ll see them moving from desk to desk even visiting yours more than seven times in a day. If it’s a closed door, you don’t want to say how many irritating knocks you’ve had on your door on that very busy day just to see her storm into your office with unnecessary gossip. Sometimes they never knock. They just bulge into your office like a person with a running stomach entering an open toilet. They are like the company’s dailies. They will tell you which member of staff fought with their spouse and what the fight was all about. They like appearing good to everyone but no one likes them. They also like playing safe. Even the bosses who are beneficiaries of their grapevine never like them. They focus on receiving favors rather than building their career. Such people never get promotions (based on performance).They rarely change jobs too and salary increments in a vocabulary to such humans. These people will make bosses collide while they try to play safe and look good to both sides.

There’s another lot of fashion cops. You’ll think they are the red carpet champs. They will comment on anything physical on you. They are concerned with other people’s appearance. From your body size/shape, hairstyle, walking style and even what you eat. They have a bad habit of making their eyes jump into your handbag just to find out its content. This team goes further to describe how perfect you’d look dating a particular race. What makes such people boring is that they will keep repeating what they told you last week even next week and keep the pattern flowing until the year ends. This type of employees has annoying character. Kwanza they should be arrested by designers. Their dressing code is always wanting. They try to apply make-up (which goes wrong mostly). They will leave marks of lipstick on every glass and cup they use in their office (I recommend make-up classes). Their lipstick will always peel off (the inventor of lipstick should ban such people from using their products).They are always asking the price of every jewelry, cloth ,shoes or handbag you wear but never buy a single thing. You even wonder where they take their salaries. Most guys in this team have esteem issues .They either don’t like their body size, complexion, their legs or something else about their physique.

The final type for today is the bossy type. These are a pathetic lot. No single member of staff likes them. They like stepping on other people’s toes. They have esteem issues and are always moody. This type never greets their colleagues. The only time they will speak to someone is when they want to be granted favors or when quarreling about something. Most of the time they want to delegate you all their duties. They respond to mails from specific people but they will require you to execute their needs at a snap of their fingers. They will constantly remind you their position (as if you don’t know) and threaten you with cheap threats (I know it’s redundant).Such employees, if they are men, they have recently been promoted and have never held higher positions at work leave alone being class prefects. They have been led their entire lives. If they are female, they have reached the family age (either approaching or even past) yet no man seems to show interest in them. They seem to be off the radar from morning to morning as if they have been stung by a wasp.

All in all, don’t lament if you meet such groups of people. We need them to make the ecosystem complete. Simple advice, do your best, give your position your all. Earn a genuine salary and God will bless you!!!Hope you had yourselves a workful week.

If you can’t write,you have no business being a journalist

I have to start off by apologizing to members of my profession. It’s actually embarrassing that my first post had to be an apology. It’s a way of owning up my mistakes though. The mistakes that I’m sure I have learned from.

You see, as a journalist, I haven’t been doing justice to my profession and to myself. I haven’t been writing much. I had dreaded print journalism like no one’s biashara. All I ever thought of was becoming a broadcast personality. Not because I had the looks, curves and the taste for fashion that would make guys look forward to that particular bulletin and for the ladies to borrow fashion ideas-TV has never been my dream either-but because of the belief that I had a great clear commanding voice that would fill the airwaves and do voice overs of endless commercials across frequencies.

Having been on national radio immediately after my 3rd year, and having interviewed both great and controversial personalities made me develop the urge to want to grow in the broadcast industry. Broadcast because it was what I loved. I wanted to be on national radio.I was dying to. However, I wasn’t alone. There were thousands of millions of people with stunning voices. When I say stunning, I mean stunning. Voices to the likes of Mwakazi, Mike Mondo, John Kago among others. Meeting such voices made me realize how vital it was to be the best at what I did. So I had to learn how to script, perfect scripting. Believe me, by the time my attachment period came to an end, I had scripted for over TV programs. I had been requested to stay but school came reckoning.

Even without the love for print, I promised myself to start writing. I didn’t want to risk my career life. I wanted to spread my wings. But that still remained just as a promise. It never came to pass. In fact, the only time I ever put a pen on paper was the moment I felt so heartbroken. Maybe if I had had a series of them (heartbreaks), I’d have been motivated to write more. Writing is a food for the soul. It calms you down. It’s a way of venting out your emotions without necessarily disturbing the second party. I wanted to do it, but I think I was just lazy to start.

I remember how I dreaded my feature writing classes. I didn’t imagine how the easily distracted me will write a whole 700 words. How I pulled through that course, I don’t know. But that was the most peaceful semester in my entire academic life because I could let out my feelings. FYI,I managed a straight A. That simply tells you that my stories were outstanding.

I was hit by the reality of life after campus. I realized I had no option but to write. It was a time to make a decision of whether to go print or broadcast. My ignorance made me miss out on golden opportunities. Since then, I decided to go corporate. I decided to write because that is what the corporate field is all about. I wanted responsibilities I couldn’t run away from even if I wanted to…and here I am. It has been months and still holding on. Am surprised by the amount of print I have done here… If during the judgement day God asks me what I used my hands for, I will tell Him I forced them to do what they felt lazy at-To write. From today, get ready to read more of both my sense and nonsense. Have a writeful day, won’t you?